Is it time to throw away those old toothbrushes?

Sometimes classics are better. I like feeling the pages of a paperback book beneath my fingers just as much as anyone. I like coffee beans over K-cups occasionally; the smell is quite nostalgic. Unfortunately, when it comes to toothbrushes automation is definitely a better choice.

Dentists have been using automated toothbrushes since long before they went to public wholesale. Why not become your own day-to-day dentist? Although automated toothbrushes can be three times the price of a classic one, it also cleans an immeasurable amount of plaque. This is the most efficient way to brush your teeth. Some come with multiple heads, some time out two minutes for you, and some will even light up when you brush too hard. Your dentist (me, of course) will thank you! Results on 16,000 patients using an Oral-B electronic toothbrush found that 80% of them had improved oral health after one month.

In a more broad study done comparing power to manual brushes, electrics eliminated 21% more plaque. Plaque research still hasn’t definitively proven which one is better but electric certainly does more work with each tooth.

Although children’s’ teeth may be more sensitive to the vibration, these toothbrushes are assured by the FDA to pose little harm. Even with an electric brush, children up to about eight years old should still be monitored when they brush to make sure they’re hitting those new molars and gums. Also, these brushes will help but do not eliminate the need to floss.

Any further questions come see me and my staff at Lone Mountain and we’ll find an electric best suited to you!


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